4 Strategies that make you a pro player in Dragon City


Dragon City is one of the top viral games, and it is based on the simulation. Millions of youths are crazy about such kinds of games. The gameplay is easy for everyone, and if you are thinking of playing, then you can download the game by the android store. It is free for everyone and for a better experience we can add many purchasable elements. Each player should spend much time on different levels and for increasing the playing skills we have to find some strategies.

The players are obsessed with many kinds of levels and he all time think about how to beat the game. Some free tools like Dragon City Cheats are helpful for adding many free things. Along with it, we need to know useable tips and strategies.

 Go through basics

It is one of the most important for everyone because if anyone does not know the right ways, then he will not have success in it.  Do not skip some important instructions and rules and going forward with step by step. The players have to patience for winning.

Additional powers in battles

The dragon comprises of various powers, and the players need to enable such power on the beginning. Most of the players are not know the exact use of powers so you should know about a single thing. Some powerful flames are useful for destroying your rival city or dragons.

Skilled the dragons

There are various training zones, and we ready our dragons for battles. The player needs to win the battles for securing the dragon city. Most of the dragons are skilled enough for battles, and some of them are legends fighters.

Collect food and currency

Food is an inevitable part, and each dragon needs energy for fighting. The game gives various ways of collecting food, and you can save much for future use of it. In addition to food, the players have to concern about currency, and a large amount of currency make the gameplay easy. For handy playing, anyone can use Dragon City Cheats, and it is beneficial for currency.



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