Dominations: An action game with 2 main aspects


Are you looking for the game which is consisting of 3D real-time strategy? Then play Dominations Mod, it is the game which is consist of several elements and procedures that a player needs to make. Pocket Gems develop the game for iOS and Android platforms. Here the player needs to control the ultimate army of dragons. If the players want, then they can invite their friends for winning the battle.

Once the players make the right strategies, then there is a chance to win the game effectively. For making the army powerful, a gamer always needs some rubies and gold, but if they may not get enough currencies, then they can take help fromDominatios.

In-game currencies

There are total 2 types of currency that players need to attain. These are:


It is the primary currency which is used for upgrading the level and completing the challenges, events, etc. Rubies are natural to earn a high amount.


Gold is an essential currency in the game that players need to attain. Here the player needs to perform several tasks, and after that, they will get it.


·         There are several kinds of dragons performing their style for winning the battle. For boosting their powers, one can breed the dragons.

·         Try to make one of the best strategies to win the game and try to upgrade the dragons from time to time.

·         Here, you can invite your friends for combing the force to play the game effectively.

Thus, these are some main aspects that players need to attain. If the game becomes interesting, then the players try to play more.

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