Fine Points Related To The Sims Freeplay Currencies

The Sims FreePlay game is developed by adding facts related to real world and life. The players are required to create a virtual world. In the world, they need to start performing activities with the creation of sims. Residents of your world are known as the sims.

The players need to make sure that their sims are performing all types of activities properly. It becomes possible by maintaining a balance and fulfilling the needs. In achieving these objectives, the players should take help from in-game essentials. These essentials are –

Social points

In the game, the players need to deal with different types of currencies. The use of currencies is helpful in providing facilities and services to the sims. Social Points is one of the special currencies. It can be collected only by completing some specific tasks or with the Sims Freeplay hack.

Mainly these tasks are known as the social tasks. In the social tasks, the players need to perform activities with neighbor sims. Another way of earning SP (social points) is the rewards. The players’ can claim rewards by participating in different types of events.

  • Community events
  • Live events


If we talk about the primary currency of The Sims Freeplay, then the name of simoleons appears at the top. The players are required to use it for completing several tasks. The collection of simoleons is the biggest issue in front of the players. Currency is gathered by considering the way of in-app purchase.

Here, the players need to use real money. It means consideration with real money can help the players in gathering the required amount of main currency. You should spend funds carefully and try to save simoleons at each & every stage of the game.

Lifestyle points

Lifestyle Points (LP) is another special currency of the game. It helps in eliminating lots of bad elements. In the game, you can see some premium or unique features and items. At some game stages, the players need to access them. Here, the requirement of LP becomes higher. Mainly it is used for –

  • Speeding up processes
  • Unlock premium items

The collection of LP is not difficult as compared to other currencies. It can become possible by putting proper efforts. The players are required to complete different types of objectives. With it, there are some extra activities available those can help you in earning funds easily. In these ways, the players can collect the required level of funds.

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