Lords mobile game easy for novice


This game is strategy based and readily available. Everyone in the world widely plays the game. It is popular on the internet because of game execute on the computer network. You will quickly find on mobile or computer network. Various websites have published a review about lords mobile. The main game point is building the troops with the help of guild. The second point is growing your city with beautiful buildings.

Game tutorial

Game tutorial is starting step of games, and this is very important. The tutorial gives us information about how the game executes. The game started with the specific tutorial menu pop up on the mobile or computer screen. Many of navigations tools show on it, and these tools explain everything about gameplay. The game tutorial makes it easy for playing.

Lords heroes

Heroes who make game many more interesting and attractive. These heroes have different kinds of features and powers. They fight with enemies and save their own buildings or cities. They maintain their power also and try to increase that. Some heroes are locked so by playing you unlock them.

Training for soldier or troops

For war, training is required for troops to improve their skills. Barracks are made for training sessions. Attack and defense are important for survival, so troops learn some of the basic skills for battles. When you are not planning for war so just train them. They learn all skills very fast and save many gathering resources.

Guilds of lords

Once you reach enough levels, you can join or make the guild. A Group of members is making one guild and making a guild is free of cost. Instead of make guild, you join a guild because you are beginners and not know how to manage. In a guild you can earn coins by playing each day also by getting Lords Mobile Hack.

Participate in Events

Once you reached on level 5, you are eligible to participate in events. Many of events show on screen so you can choose of them. You can be the winner of various events. Solo events are most interesting. Score points by building and training and this is a very easy way indeed.

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