Rush Wars: Improve your gameplay

Rush Wars is a recently launched game by none other than the most famous developers, Supercell.  The Supercell is known to release amazing games such as clash of clans. Just like the previous games of their, Rush Wars is impressive in its own. The game is as expected a strategy game that is having simple and straightforward gameplay. But don’t get yourself mistaken with the fact that it is easier to get it on tips. The game is challenging to ace up. But here we are with some Homescapes cheats to help you out.

The tips mentioned below will help you become better at the gameplay by telling you the secret to build the best team out of all. So, without taking much time blabbering here, let’s bear down to the tips.

Tips and tricks

·         Upgrades the cards you get in chests

As soon as you get to be cards in the treasure boxes, I will recommend you do upgrade them quickly. It is because you always have the option of improving your card by spending coins on them.  It is because the regular currency in the game will come and go, but the cards would not. But initially, in the game, it will be complicated for you to get a good amount of coins. Therefore if you are out of credits, then you can always make the use of Homescapes hack to get a generous amount of coins and this lead towards our second point reducing the coin Loss.

·         Keep collecting the coins from gold mine

Whenever the gold mine produces the gold coins, you should not forget to manage them as soon as possible thereby you can reduce the loss of coins. Do it on time rather than letting the coins to pile up in the game. Also don’t save the coins for later use, instead spend them to upgrades the things.

Now with our tips, you can clear down the bases of your enemies very quickly with no issue. Hope these Rush War cheats make you stand out in the game without a lot of trials and mistakes.

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