Smart Ways To Earn Passes In Episode – Choose Your Story

Passes are considered as the most crucial currency of the Episode – Choose Your Story game. If you are a player who is working hard in order to earn more and more currency of the game then you must follow the prompt for rating. If you do so it will automatically give you 3 extra passes as bonus. In short, players are able to do this same thing again and again for every time your log-in the game. Instead of this, there is also Cheats for episode passes is available for beginners those are facing problems regarding the collection of currency. Here are some more facts related to the game.

Check out the story tips

Yes! You really required the episode tips so there is also one more chance to play the episode perfectly. When you find the new story then try to assume everything that looks very similar to the story that you have already played. In addition to this, simply focus on the story and then spend the currency for unlock it. Consequently, it will automatically give you best outcomes so keep your eye on it and take its advantages. Don’t forget to choose the option of customization in order make the character more attractive so this would be really useful for you.

Playing episodes

It is very crucial to play different kinds of episodes so simply pay attention on the use of currency at the time of unlocking episodes. It would be really valuable for you on which you can easily pay attention on. You can easily start playing the game in order to being a great player. If you are person who is facing complications in the process of earning currency then cheats for episode passes will prove supportive for you.




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