Winning tactics for Dragon Mania Legends Alive

Dragon Mania Legends free gems is a new game for every game lover. Developed by the ludic and recently launched on play store. You can download it without any cost; it has excellent graphics and battles with dinosaurs. If you are able to use AR mode, then it gives you best experience to play it. So if you are the new player, then the guide will help you to start the game in a simple way. After these processes, you will get the notice to play it. Take help from tutorials to learn the controls.

How to start the game?

  • First of all choose a small dinosaur to start the game easily, because it is the most important part to play it.
  • You should select the dinosaur, or with the help of the drone, you can hit the dinosaur easily. You can get more DNA samples to collect.
  • You can shot the dinosaurs by sitting on the couch within the distance of 500 feet, but you can use the drone only for the limited time period. For collecting the DNA, you get less time or less battery.
  • Try to shot the dinosaur in the first attempt to collect maximum DNA samples.
  • Should give your best because if you miss the first hit, dinosaurs start moving. For you, it is very hard to target a moving dinosaur, try to shot in a single chance.
  • When you collect enough DNA, then you get the option to create your own dinosaurs by your choice.

Build a perfect team

If you want to play for a long time, then it’s better for you to build the perfect one by taking strong dinosaurs. But if you’re going to make the strong team, then you have to collect a lot of DNA samples. You can take total eight players on your side, but for the fight, you have to pick best four only. Click on the top of the icon for check your collection of dinosaurs. You can also get the option to change the dinosaurs while playing or you can pick the perfect power for your dinosaur.

 Type of dinosaurs

  • Common (grey) – These type of dinosaurs need 50 DNA samples to create the player. These dinosaurs are not powerful to use all battles.
  • Rare (blue) – Rare dinosaurs have more power than the common one, but it doesn’t work for every battle
  • Epic (yellow) – it is the best dinosaur for every type of battles it needs 150 to 200 DNA samples to unlock.
  • Legendary (red) – it is hard to find the legendary dinosaur, or it needs approximately 250 DNA to create the player.
  • Unique (green) – the unique one is stronger than every dinosaur, it’s hard to catch them, but if you have unique dinosaurs, then no one can beat you easily.

It is important to increase your level with time because it helps you to improve your skills or update your players.

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